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The evolution of communication in technology development as it pertains to small/ medium enterprises (SME’s), search engine optimization (SEO), and the innovative future of Quantum Computing, has captured my attention. I maintain a focus in the benefits of content translation. My goal is to help those scientists, innovators, makers, builders, get their information out to the public in a productive fashion, to stabilize the changes they are driving to implement. With fifteen years of experience in the service industry, combined with an additional thirteen years in the fabrication/ construction industry, I come supplied with a unique set of communication skills. 

You are Looking For

  • Tech blog content and ghostwriting
  • Tech copy and encryption
  • SEO application
  • Website content rewrite, update, or computer aided translation (CAT)
  • Website content – locale specific
  • Medical blog and ghostwriting content -specifically concerning innovative methodologies
  • Fabrication blog and journal, with academic citation
  • Fab-tech and Quantum Computing applications
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Fictional ghostwriting

What I Guarantee

  • Interesting, accessible, and accurate content
  • Deadline accuracy
  • Academic or relative citation
  • Agile model communication
  • Networking
  • Quality and reliable sourced content
  • Professional tonality
  • Hands on practical experience in many fields

Available for features, seminars, business consulting, think-tank, and can also assist you with content creation, blogging, tech, SEO, and ghostwriting. Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries regarding writing, fabrication, travel, cooking, or restaurant industry work. Located in Oakland, California.


Rates are negotiable via contract requirements, word count, and project duration. All contracts are subject to a retainer, which will include a pro-bono sample piece.

  • Standard rate for content creation: $54 per hour
  • Standard rate for welding: $40 per hour
  • Standard rate for fabrication: $60 per hour

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