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As the sort of person who lives by the combined philosophies of “do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and “work to live, don’t live to work,” I’ve spent the last decade as a chef/ bartender and fabricator. I put my all into my work while at work, and my all into my life outside of work. I strive for balance in all things. It’s within the effort to fully engage in this life that I’ve turned my career path towards something I truly need to do, and enjoy: writing. I’ve found a passion and interest in cultural translation and innovation, and find myself working to refine my skills to be of use to greater population through the written word.

As a 20 year vet of the hospitality industry I come supplied with the education and experience to improve efficiency and provide the support needed for a project or dream to flourish. I believe that a considerate and humane work environment leads to a form of confidence which allows systems to progress as intended. It is with experience that the feeling of the unknown disappears, and with that insecurity in action, which benefits both the company and the employee to engage to their fullest potential.

I strive to work for companies trying to leave the world better than they found it.

I come with the added bonuses of years of international travel, cultural diplomacy, proficiency in copywriting, and a fundamental grasp on the nature of operations due to working for the Department of Public Works, Blackrock City, Nevada for over a decade.

My overall skills include international importation and distribution in warehouse settings; ensurement of weights and measures accuracy and documentation; assignment and implementation of local and long term storage, and redistribution. These skills become effective across many different industries including distribution, restaurant, education, writing, manufacturing, construction and retail.

At this point in my career my desire is to focus on improving working conditions for employees and employers from an operations perspective. A combination of critical thinking, forecasting, reasoning, and practical experience makes me uniquely suited for a position which requires many hats and much juggling. Need someone with a lot of varied experience to cover and talk to a lot of different kinds of peoples/ jobs? I’m your gal. Bonus points for higher organization and time management.

Check out my CV for everything you could ever possibly want to know.

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