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As the world approached 2020 I realized there was a need for an understandable collection of answers. What the fuck is going on and how did we get here? There is so much I wish adults had told me about this world when I was growing up. This is not a story. This is a Grimoire. A Grimoire is a book of spells. 

This is the cookbook of my generation. This is the cypher for the Xennial mind. This is the spell book of the world. Through a series of installments I will try and tackle all those subjects you dont quite understand, such as What is money and why does it matter? How does one make friends? Why does equality matter? What is marriage today? Why should you vote? How do you clean stains out of shirts? What is religion? What is magic? How do you deal with PTSD? Is there really anything we can do to make this world better?

There needs to be a bridge between Baby Boomers and Millennial’s. Not talking is not working. Being angry is not working. Gen Z needs to understand what has happened so they cope with the world they are coming into. This is a refined collection of the wealth of the internet, and education. Check it out. You may come to understand why the world works how it does.

I’m also going to explain how not to be a dick (or hate) to absolutely everyone around you, including yourself. In short, this is the Millennial’s Grimoire. Welcome.

4:1 Magic. How it Works; How to See and Connect with Energy

We are one Energy.

0:0 The Enchiridion – otherwise known as Adventure Time.

Allora looked over to Miss. Scarab, to her neon pink hair and cat’s eye diamond-studded glasses. “Is that why they add silly bits between the serious bits? Make it more palatable?”

“Isn’t life like that? Life would be hell if it were all serious bits all the time.”

1:1 Living Solo versus Cohabitation

If you can’t afford the life you want then why should you try to live a quality life? What I mean is this: If you live in a poor apartment with furniture picked up off the sidewalk why should you bother cleaning?
It’s a mental issue, really, which just about everyone has to face. If you live in a nice place you tend to treat it nicely. If you live in a shabby place you tend to treat it shabbily. Except treating a shabby thing shabbily is not what you should be doing, and for two reasons: The first is yourself, and the second is other people.

1:2 How to be a Good House Guest

Being a good house guest isn’t rocket science, but there are some details you may not be aware of… it’s not that you’re a bad guest, so much as you may have just never considered some of the things.

1:3 Cleaning – How to get Blood Stains out of Clothes

Charcoal is nature’s sandpaper. It is one of the most abrasive surfaces on earth. When you brush your teeth with Charcoal you are scratching the enamel off your teeth. Yes, your teeth will be whiter as you scratch off tar and coffee and wine stains, but there’s no stopping it from scratching off enamel, which make your teeth strong. Charcoal is also absorbent.

1:4 Get a Job! Resumes and CV.

Right, it’s time to get a job! Yes, you need to get a job. Even if you don’t need one financially, you need one mentally and socially. Jobs force us to interact and be human. It’s a good thing.

1:5 Dollar Dollar Bills, Yo.

Shiney. Humans love shiney; but shiney is weird because shiney isn’t necessarily visible. Shiney can also be a concept. 2019 humans love to talk about their shiney more than they actually enjoy possessing shiney. The concept of shiny, the bravado of it. By talking about the shiny it makes them feel shiny. Now they have value.

1:6 Work/ Life Balance

Work/ Life Balance is three things, really: Work, Rest, Self-care.

1:7 Making Friends

Whatever the jam, figure out your hobbies and friends will naturally follow.

1:8 Presentation, the Art of the Caricature

This is the ‘dress for the job you want’, ‘fake it till you make it’, social cliques, representation.

1:9 People Suck – Managing Expectations

There is an unfortunate truth which everyone will eventually face, and it’s that frequently people suck. People can be incredibly disappointing.

0:1 What is Life?

Naturally, one tends to be asking this sort of question when one is in the process of a self transition or an evolutionary state. Sedentary people don’t tend to bother. Subsequently, because you’re considering the bigger picture, you’ll tend to wonder where you are on the scale and flow and things. This idea is synonymous with purpose. What is my purpose in this life? It’s often hard to understand what your purpose is if you don’t understand yourself. And to understand yourself, you have to know where you are in your evolution.

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