Written by Gystilyn O’Brien. 8/9/19. Unpublished by LifestyleCollective via Content Castle.

By Gystilyn O’Brien

Of all the accessories which define style and attitude, the earring remains one of the most wonderful eye catching pieces of bling a person can wear. Once upon a time, designers used to say that there were different styles of earrings which accentuated or downplayed the shape of the neck. Today, that concept has largely been swept aside by the advancement of the duster earring. 

Duster earrings are any earring which extends the visual length of the neck, and styles come in a variety of forms. There is the tassel drop, the sweeper, the jungle drop, the chandelier, the classic long tassel, the mixed asymmetric, and the elegant crystal drop. 

As is true of all accessories, prices can range from affordable to jaw dropping, and styles fluctuate from easily recognisable brands, to run away out-of-this world glamor. Let’s take a gander at the spectrum, from what the crème de la crème are wearing, to the playful and fun fashionista out for a night on the town. Remember, the beauty of the duster earring is its versatility. Wear it to a ball, the mall, an office meeting or a concert; there’s never a bad time to make a bold fashion statement. 

Bling Bling Dolla Dolla

At the top of the price spectrum we have fashion designer icons like Alexander McQueen, Celine, Oscar de la Renta, and Marni throwing their wares up on the runway.  The Eddie Borgo Neo Tassel Drop Earrings for $275 are a fabulous all-occasion fashion compatible choice, offering a strength and fierceness in alignment with the beautiful Amazonion Warrior. Or we have the Tory Burch Oxidized Metal Chandelier Earrings selling for $250, with a delicate spring feel, perfect for an elegant ball or wine tasting. 

The Eddie Borgo Neo Tassel Drop Earrings, listed at $275, are perhaps the most classic form of duster earrings, with their fan of chains which literally ‘dust’ the shoulder. For the truly elegant, we have the Vera Wang Faceted Crystal Drop Earrings, listed at $350, which expresses nothing less than the power, wealth, and the elegance of an empress. 

Let’s Get Busy!

For the greater majority of us, who want to look and feel fabulous but can’t justify spending more than a hundred dollars on accessories, there are a ton of excellent options to choose from! Right now the style is rockin’ between the neo tassel style or chandelier, the long dangle, and the fringe duster. 

The neo tassel style is great for almost any occasion, usually monochrome in color, and reflecting a balance between solid badass and elegant royalty. This earring is the perfect type to wear to a dinner party, or out on a date. It expresses a languid element of leisure which says, I can afford to lie back and enjoy the finer things in life. It is a bold statement, to be so laissez-faire. 

The chandelier style accomplishes much the same as the neo tassel style, with the exception that it comes in a variety of colors and shapes. This earring is great when it comes to a pairing with culturally specific attire. A certain level of elegance combined with the artistic flare of a bygone era, the chandelier says: I’m approachable and fun, a free thinker. 

For a more minimalist look, the long dangle style is a great accessory to express practicality and refined elegance. Long dangle earrings tend to be an all-inclusive earring, the sort which a person owns only one or two pairs, and lives in them. Right in line with the feather earrings trend, this style reflects a sense of the playful and imaginative.

Lastly, we have the extremely popular fringe duster style, a hand-me-down from Oscar De La Renta. This style has become extremely popular for its soft feel and production affordability. Soft fabric strands lightly graze the shoulder, applying the added bonus of a sensory level to this elegant and easily color coordinating accessory. It’s incredibly versatile and affordable. Buy a dozen in different colors to match each and every outfit, and live in the elegant but refined nature of an all-occasions style earring. 

The Truly Unique

Nothing in this world will ever be more unique than a do-it-yourself (DIY) accessory. Not everyone is a good designer, or creator, but everyone can invest in the artisans who are. DIY offers a sense of personalization which will stand out, dispensing awe to all those who behold it. Take those personalized elements of your character, be it fabric, images, baubles, leather, coins… whatever, and create a layered piece truly unlike anything else in this world. Etsy offers no shortage of professional DIY designers providing one-off styles for your selection, or willing to work with you, under commission, to design your dream wears.   

Whether your jam is instant gratification, personalized detail, or selective consideration, duster earrings offer something for everyone. The moment you turn your head with a duster earring and the length sweeps your neck, catching the light, you’ll know that you made the right choice. Eye-drawing, expressive, and intriguing, the duster earring does something all accessories try to accomplish and in which endeavour few succeed: grab attention and hold it.