Communicating the nuances of magic can be difficult because so much can be lost in translation. When I say ‘magic’ a specific image and thought comes to your mind, which may not be what I intended. Even the word ‘witch’ is difficult because that one word holds so much content depending on your personal origin and exposure to the word. A puritanical christian is going to feel very differently about the word ‘witch’ than a Latin American catholic, or a southern baptist, or an agnostic, or a nihilist.   

As we go forward it’s important to keep in mind that the words I’m using are generalized terms for things which can be very complicated. For example, if I mention Hawthorn, what you might think of is a tree, which is what Hawthorn is. In herbalism Hawthorn is good for the aid of the heart. It’s considered a strengthener to the muscle, and helps increase circulation. In witchcraft a practitioner might make a Hawthorn tea out of leaves or berries if someone is having trouble with tightness of chest, or a heart condition. A practitioner might also put some Hawthorn in a mixed tea to increase libido. If a practitioner wanted to make a love spell they might have Hawthorn branches present. If a match maker wanted to make a romantic scene they might recommend the couple go picnic under or nearby a Hawthorn tree.

What I’m saying is that the words used in The Craft are often a code. When we talk about a love spell we might say to have present Hawthorn, Rose Quartz, Cayenne, and Chocolate. All of these ingredients hold affiliation with the heart, circulation, passion, and desire.

Quick term break down:

Witch: a practitioner of ‘magics,’ one who manipulates energy and practices any form of science or medicine which dates, or per-dates, ‘modern’ medicines. Typically non-religious or cult affiliated, and believing in an energetic presence. The term ‘witch’ is Anglo-European in descent, but truly, any educated person in the world might have, at one time, been burned as a ‘witch.’ In short, a free thinker in alignment with nature.

Bruja: a practitioner of a particular sect of rituals relative to a specific South American culture and heritage. A Bruja is a very specific title awarded in a very specific way by a very specific group.

Magus/ Priest/ Priestess: a practitioner of higher magics, often educated in many forms of craft, religions, and cults.

Magic: Energy/ belief/ vibration.

The Craft/ witchcraft: the arts of medicine and spell casting (changing vibrations, usually following a recipe).

Craft: a blanket statement covering all that witches do

The interesting thing about this communicative issue is that it happens constantly in the modern world. Even outside normal language barriers we are constantly miscommunicating with each other because the words we are using are too general. They can often describe a thing in more than one way. If I say ‘blue’ a color comes to your mind. Guarantee, if we had a color swatch, my blue and your blue would be different blues. It’s that simple.

What I’m getting at is this: In trying to explain ‘power’, ‘magic’, ‘reading’, ‘seeing’, ‘void’, ‘veils,’ I’m trying to do so in a language that will translate to a general audience which has little to no experience in these things. I’m also trying to surround that language with context and a variety of analogy, so the words can be seen from different angles, that folks from different origins and perspectives can grasp onto the ideas the words hold. That’s what words are; a series of sounds to represent ideas.

To begin, we need to understand about Energy and how Energy works. Energy is what we, everything, is. From the scientific perspective, we know that our world is made of Matter. We know that Matter is composed of Atoms, which in turn are comprised of Positively Charged Protons (Positive), Neutral Neutrons (Neutral), and Negatively Charged Electrons (Negative). For those of you confused, think of a circle. Half the circle is black (negative), the other half is red (positive). The red fades into the black, and the black into the red. In the center is a ball. That whole arrangement right there, that’s a decent visual model for an Atom, which is a complete energetic circuit, which is Energy. The Atom is its own perpetual motion machine, meaning it fuels itself, positive into negative, and negative into positive. That cycle, that is the basic most fundamental building block of life. It repeats itself in various scales constantly, all throughout the known Universe.

The amount of Energy in a single Atom is well… you’ve seen pictures of an atomic bomb going off? That’s basically what happens when you try and split an Atom. It doesn’t like that. Atoms want to be whole, not split. When they get split they expel all their Energy. Boom. Big boom. Bada boom. In short, Atom has a lot of Energy. Nuclear energy is trying to capture the energy in an Atom for use. But I digress…

Disclaimer: This is the most layman description I could ever give to explain what Matter is, and you should really read a physics book, because I did both a good and not so good a job of explaining Matter. Bare with me.

Consider now what you understand about the amount of Energy in a single Atom. It’s a lot. Now contemplate that Matter is made up of interconnecting Atoms. Now, consider that our world, including trees, buildings, water, air, us, is made up of Matter. The table beside you? Dense Matter. Your hand? Dense Matter. The air between the table and your hand, less dense Matter. Thus you can move your hand through the air, but not the table. That is the most basic description of how physics works (kinda).

We’re not really here to talk about physics. We’re here to talk about Energy. The over arching concept of a ‘Witch’ is to manipulate Energy. That’s the discussion.

Imagine that all Matter is so full of Energy, so powerful, that it vibrates with excitement. Gazillions of Atoms vibrating really really fast all the damn time. That’s us. Our bodies are vibrating all the time cause we are made of condensed Matter.

Thing is, objects vibrate at different speeds. Back to the air and the table. The air is vibrating faster than the table. It’s got motion. The table, which doesn’t move in a way we can easily perceive, is vibrating more slowly. The Witch can not only perceive the vibrations, but they can match the speed of any one vibration and alter its course.

You can’t push something that’s vibrating at a different speed than you. Well, you can, but it’s hard. Takes a lot of effort. Your vibration and its vibration are different, not the same. Things like to be at the same speed. It lets the thing know that its interacting with its own interlocking part. It’s all, ‘cool, you’re like me? Come on in, let’s dance!’ A Witch can see the vibrations of things around themselves, and with focus and intent, can change their vibration to match, thus changing or moving the thing in common likeness. That change is ‘Magic’.

Make sense? A Witch doesn’t alter the object, they alter themselves. That’s about as scientific as I can get about it without discussing actual science. You can see now why we end up using blanket statements like Magic. Also, most Witches don’t realize that this is what’s happening. To them, they just feel it and things go. Often they don’t know why or what, and are confused. They have no answers, and no language, because for them it’s so natural that they can’t help themselves. That is the difference between a Witch and a Magus/ Priest/ Priestess. A Witch doesn’t know, isn’t informed or aware, and is often a bit bumbling. Education combined with mastery of the self allows for intentional change and control, and that is where a Magus/ Priest/ Priestess arrive at.

Interestingly, where the worlds population of Witches is quite great, as its a fairly average phenomena, the population of Magus/ Priest/ Priestess is relatively small. When the ‘Witch Hunts’ were happening they were really looking for the later, more than the former. I’m of the belief that a Witch, one who can meet the vibrations of our world, is what a human is at a basic biological level. I believe we’re seeing an upswing of Witch population not because humans are evolving, but because they’re giving themselves permission to participate with basic parts of themselves.

Magic, in a slightly more advanced version of this meeting vibrations and pushing, is sometimes called pulling on the Warp and Weft of the world. That’s weaving terms. In short, it’s easier for a lot of people to picture the world like a 3D tapestry. They find a thread they like, or threads, and simultaneously split themselves into compartmentalized sections to meet the vibrations of each thread. Then they pull and weave, creating new pictures, or knots, or sometimes untieing knots. It’s all by feeling and focus. It’s all meeting the vibrations of the subjects. It’s often easier to apply visually relative terms to concepts.

Most of witchcraft is applying visually relative terms to help focus and explain what’s going on.

Back to science! Let’s break this down even further. Remember how I mentioned that the Atom has a Negative, a Positive, and a Neutral, and it runs in self perpetuating circle? Let’s forget about the Neutral for right now (it acts as a ground, sort of. Not important at this moment.) As I mentioned earlier, every Atom is the basic structure of the world. Everything in the world comes in Negative into Positive into Negative into Positive. Around and around. This is black and white, male and female, good and evil, full and new moon. Thing is, where the Atom is self perpetuating, our capacity to harness Energy thus far is not. We humans have not figured out how to harness the perpetual energy machine.

Think about the circle of Positive and Negative like the charges on a car battery. Negative black, Positive red. In order to make the car go you need both, and the battery (a storage vessel), and for the red and black to connect to complete the circuit. Full circle, like the model of the Atom I described earlier. Alright? That’s everything. That’s how everything works in nature.

Take you, the human, for example: Say that you are the battery, the storage vessel of Energy. You power shit. Now, coming out of you is Negative and Positive lines, like a car. Those lines can give Energy, or receive Energy, like a car. Car battery dead? Apply jumper cables and send some Energy from another battery to charge your battery.

If you’re the battery, then what’s the car, you may ask? Well, life is the car, the life you are living. The location, the people, the actions, the thoughts, the job, the grocery shopping… all of it. That’s the car. You are the Energy fueling the life you live.

Okay, but so how do we, the battery, get Energy? On the most basic level: food, water, and sleep. That’s how we work. That powers the core of our battery. But humans are more complicated than that, because we interact with each other. Imagine a bunch of car batteries next to each other. Imagine those batteries giving and taking Energy from each other at a constant, if irregular rate.

Say you’ve got an abusive partner. That’s another persons battery taking Energy from your battery. They are not giving you any Energy back. Eventually your battery will be empty. It might not die, because sleep, food, and water, but it won’t have enough Energy to power anything else. That’s the crash, the emotional breakdown. If enough other batteries steal energy from your battery eventually you’ll hit rock bottom, and crash, and it may be game over.

Most of the time we hang out with people who give Energy to us as much as they take Energy. Most of the time the group of batteries are exchanging Energy equally back and forth.

Here’s the thing. We, the modern day people, are largely taught that the only way to charge a battery is by way of other batteries. Be social. Have family. Date. This is not efficient. Humans having feelings and opinions, are indecisive, and often the Energy they give is not the Energy you need. Using the model of the Atom, the world, the planet earth, is a giant battery. That means you can literally get Energy from the physical Matter around you. That’s air. That’s the table.

Now, to be clear, it’s going to be easier to get Energy from something that is alive, like you. Consider a table to be a relatively dead battery. It might have some reserves leftover to take, but it’s not gonna be much. A tree, on the other hand, has a ton of Energy. It’s literally connected to the planet, which is an enormous battery, all of which is alive, like you. By hanging out near nature, or touching nature, you quite literally get a recharge to your battery, for free, because you are nearby. Another neat thing is that a tree, which has both Positive and Negative charges, like you, doesn’t care what quality of Energy you need. It’ll fuel up all sides.

Some people are really Positive people. I mean bubbly. I mean happy and cheerful. I mean don’t have to work very hard to live because life is easy. These people, when they give Energy, they give Positive Energy. That means they hold a lot of Negative Energy inside themselves, and exhaust Positive Energy. When they hang out with a tree, a tree gives them Positive Energy back, thus making them balanced.

Some people are more focus oriented. They aren’t unhappy, but more reserved, pragmatic. It’s likely they have to work to live. It’s likely they have to fight a bit for what they want. They give Negative Energy and hold a lot of Positive Energy within themselves. When they sit with a tree, they get a dose of Negative Energy, making them balanced.

Remember, Positive and Negative to not represent an attitude or emotion in this case. In electricity (Energy) the Negative (Energy) is usually more powerful. Negative (Energy) is considered the hot charge, and Positive (Energy), the cool charge, which seems backwards given society generally draws Negative as bad, and Positive as good. It’s sort of the opposite with Energy (and the Craft in general). Just goes to show what I’m saying about communication, and how easily it’s confused. Think about it like anger as being fierce, and love as being soft and gentle.

Moral of the story here is this: As batteries we need to refill our Energy. We can do that by hanging out with other people or animals, other batteries. It’s healthier to hang out with nature. Nature doesn’t become exhausted after refilling your battery. Nature doesn’t give one-sided Energy based on what kind of day its had. Yeah, humans, they can pick what kind of Energy they give you. It might not be the kind you want or need. Nature doesn’t have opinions on this subject.

For the Witch this is extremely important because in order to do Magic, to vibrate at the level of other things, and change and move them, one has to expel a great deal of Energy (spell casting). Like, a lot. Casting a spell can be utterly draining, unless the practitioner is hardlined into nature’s Energy, which is relatively easy to accomplish with instruction.

With focus and intent, a person, Witch or no, can begin paying attention to Energy. They can open themselves up to receive a constant flow of input Energy from Matter, from the world, from the planet, if they decide too. Meditation has known this for centuries.

We humans generally start out open and then we create shut off valves as we get older. Shut off valves are fear and doubt. By choosing to see and feel the Energy and Matter around you, you may be able, quite easily, to refill your battery as constantly as you give Energy away.

The Buddhist concept of circular breathing is a fair analogy. Inhaling while simultaneously exhaling. By learning to do this you’ll never be exhausted. Certainly you can work a day of labor and be tired, but that’s not the same thing as exhausted. People often feel drained, especially if they work with the public in any capacity. That’s all them damn batteries exchanging Energy, one customer at a time. By allowing an open flow to Matter you may just maintain being full, and a full battery wont accept Energy from other batteries, only give, and that might be a healthy thing, as other batteries might give you Energy you don’t want or need. This is called being ‘connected’.

Another thing about being ‘connected’ is that there is a whole other level of reality that exists on the Energy plane. This is the ‘Veils’. Once you open up that valve, receive Energy from Matter on a constant flow, you’ll start noticing things you didn’t before, probably because you are no longer exhausted. You’ll start noticing details, shadows, flickers. You’ll start seeing new colors, and experiencing the world in a more 3-dimensional way than you do presently. That’s Magic your looking at – it all boils down to perception and what you choose to see.

We see in 3-dimensions. Connecting, that helps you see in 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, so to speak. It’s all there, always been there. It’s just that, if no one told you, you might never know. And more often than not, its that once, when you were young, you did see, and you did know, and someone older told you that you were wrong, told you not to look. This guidance leads a person to shutting themselves down, and the more shut down they are, disconnected, the more they take others Energy to fuel themselves, and ultimately feel exhausted by the discordant quality of that Energy. It is a choice. It’s always a choice, and one you can make every single day.

How to Connect to Energy

It’s true that simply being in nature will do a lot. A more finite connection will require a little more focus. In the most basic of ways, go outside, sit by a tree, or a flower, or grass, and watch it. Really look at it. Appreciate it. Focus on it and nothing else. See how beautiful it is. Really let yourself be absorbed in its prettiness. You may find, as you’re looking, that the light catches it just right. You may find your eye being drawn to other bits of surrounding nature. Let your eyes travel your surroundings naturally. Focus on how beautiful everything looks, how vibrant the colors are. Engage in childish wonder. No phones. No music. Be present in your body, in your location, with the nature around you.

That, that right there, that feeling of beauty… that feeling of perfect light and color, that appreciation… that’s the plants giving you Energy. If you really focus you can feel it. Feel yourself grow calm and content. Feel yourself relax, and become at ease. That’s Energy input. It’s also oxygen, which ain’t hurting nothing.

It’s important to understand at this point that belief is a strong and important part in all of this. You have to suspend disbelief. You have to engage. You have to try and feel, and see, and look. Allow yourself to feel relaxed. Allow yourself to see beautiful color.

If you really want to go the distance, find a tree and put a hand on it. Picture in your mind your Dark Energy (in this case I mean volatile, usually fully of exhausted, hurt, sad) leaving your body, through your hand, into the tree. Don’t worry. You can’t hurt the tree. It’s connected to a bigger power source. It’s gonna absorb and clean your Energy just fine. If you can, simultaneously picture the tree giving you warm glowing Light Energy (clean, bright, warm, pure).

Personally, I find it easiest when I’m not wearing shoes. I picture the Dark Energy going from my head down through my body and out my feet into the ground. I picture warm glowing Light Energy from the tree going through my hand, through my body, down through my feet, helping to push out the Darkness, helping to fill the body with the good fresh clean Energy. Visualization. This can take several minutes. Often I’m touching a tree anywhere up to 20 minutes. Depends. I try and visualize the whole process. Makes it easier for me.

Once I feel full, and good, and complete, I tend to thank the tree and the earth, because that’s the polite thing to do. If you separate early and are not complete you’ll probably feel a little shaky. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with detaching before a full fill up. Nothing will be hurt. Nothing gained will go away. It’s like feeding your engine a little bit of gas instead of a full fill-up; keeps things going.

Now, here’s the trick in keeping a constant connection: When I step away from the tree I recognize the air around me. I recognize that it was present and apart of the experience I just had with the tree. I feel it move around me as I move through it. That feeling, that acknowledgement, that’s connectivity. As I go forward I address every part of the world around me in this fashion. A wall, a sidewalk, a table… they all have Energy, even if its low. I try to be present in the Matter to which I’m physically surrounded. That keeps me connected.

It’s hard at first, but over time it becomes as redundant as breathing. I hardly notice anymore.  

Seeing the Unseen   

Now that we have a solid working basis for Energy and the underlying process happening with spells and witchcraft (vibrations), let’s talk about the aforementioned 4th, 5th and 6th dimension.

This, I gladly call, Seeing the Unseen. It does not, in fact, work like dimensions.

Once we become open to Energy, to Matter, to being connected and to letting it flow through us, we may have a new found tendency to see and experience things we didn’t see before.

The most typical visage that people express seeing is ghosts, spirits, and god(s).

There’s plenty of debate here. I’m gonna break this down in how I see things. Take these explanations as you will. Everyone defines things differently, and it’s important that we do. There is no law set in stone about this stuff. It’s all interpretation, storytelling, and belief.

When it comes to ‘entities’ seen when connected, what we are talking about is manifestations of Energy, like us humans, which exist in different forms of density, and with different molecular shapes. It’s all still Matter and Energy, it’s just different than ours. Right, per our Atom model, our shape is a circle. Another entity, like a god, might be shaped like a triangle, or an octagon. They can all hang out together, but because things like the same stuff, it means the triangles wanna hang out with other triangles, and the circles wanna hang out with other circles. (This is not an allegory for segregation or racism. Think about it like plant grafting. You can graft two plants together to make a new plant. You can not graft a plant and metal to make a metal plant, though a plant growing through and around metal is beautiful and unique to behold.) A Witch, a person connected, might be able change their shape to meet anothers shape, or might at least be able to see anothers shape. It’s all meeting vibrations.

When we talk about ‘entities’ what we are generally describing is how much a different structure of Energy can affect our physical reality. We humans are really dense, we affect our physical reality a lot. A ghost, on the other hand, is less dense, perhaps, than air. It cannot affect our physical reality very much at all. A god might be more dense than humans ever will be. It can affect physical reality at levels we can’t usually understand. That’s the general idea.

Definitions of ‘entities’ starting from less dense to most dense:


    There are a small handful entities which fall under the term of ‘ghosts,’ and often it’s not what most people think:

    The first and most commonly seen is the Energy Stain. This is when a moment of intense energetic exchange gets caught in a time loop. A moment of intense passion, be it good or bad, might be so powerful, so strong, that it literally leaves a stain on the timeline. This vision will always be a loop. They, the ‘ghosts,’ will never see you. This is not something happening in the present timeline, it’s not even really an ‘entity’. This is a loop being played over and over again. When you walk into a house and you feel bad, like something awful happened here, that’s an Energy Stain. You’re in the shower and you get the feeling someone is standing right outside, yet no one is there… Energy Stain. An event happened there. The space itself, the Matter of the room, is holding the stain like blood on a t-shirt.

    The next, and most typical of ‘ghost,’ is your Wandering Soul. That’s the typical ‘unfinished business’ stuff. That’s a soul looking for its body (Hi San Francisco! You evicted your dead and put their bodies in Colma. There are roughly 150,000 souls walking around that city looking for their bodies). That’s a soul which is lost, doesn’t understand why it died, or is waiting for something. This ghost can’t do much physically, but it might stare at you, which is almost always creepy. It’s presently here, in this time, but it’s confused. Waiting is a lot of what this ghost does. This ghost can’t talk. We’ll get to that in a minute.

    The last, and the one which gives us all the heebie jeebies, is the Malignant Soul. This ghost can sometimes do shit physically. It can move physical items (given the item is dead), change the temperature, play out movies. These are not visions. This soul can not inhabit your body. Possession is not something ghosts can do. We’ll get to that in a bit. It can manifest itself as multiple entities, even backgrounds, and show you an ‘act’. This can be witnessed by more than one person. This is happening in our physical world on the energetic level. This ghost is present, conscious and fueled by passion. This ghost is typically pissed, the Emotional Stain so strong that it ripped itself out of the time loop to stomp angrily around in the present. Best to let them be. Figuring out how to put them to rest is often a long and arduous journey of trauma and pain.  

The thing about ghosts is that they can’t physically touch us. They are not dense enough. They can sometimes push the air around which might give us a shiver, but that’s about it. They are not dense enough to affect living things. They have just enough density to effect light waves, sometimes, hence the seeing/ no seeing effect. Glance away, and they are gone.


Spirits get wildly more complicated because they are Beings of Energy. They exist like humans exist, except, basically, the shape of their Atom is different than ours. They have also been on this planet, in Matter, longer than us. Their rules operate differently than ours. They can absolutely affect our physical world, if they care. They can be as dense as us if they want to. Most of the time they don’t care. Human skin is a sort of cage to them. Why exist in a box when you could exist freely?, is sort of a spirits M.O. They exist and live in the Energy plane, it’s pretty there.

   Let’s start with Elementals. Elementals are the most basic of spirits. That’s the pure Energy of the thing itself. A Fire Elemental is the spirit of fire. It, as an entity, does not have a consciousness. It just is Fire. It lives to burn and consume. It doesn’t think, and it doesn’t care. There are Elementals for every single element on the periodic table. There are Elementals for every combination conceived in science, and nature. An Elemental just is. Most of the time when we think of innocent fairies, we are thinking of Elementals. You can sometimes see them in pure nature, when a thing is being itself. Most of the time we dismiss these visions, think we’re silly for seeing something in the flames, or in the water, or in the flower. Elementals.

    Next you have the actual Fairy, which is also the most typical parallel to ‘Spirit’ around the world. When the Balinese leave out offerings in the morning to the spirits, it’s these guys. When the Japanese give honor to the spirit house, it’s these guys. These guys are everywhere and they are basically the conscious animals of Energy. Spirits, or Fairies, aren’t human, but they have a consciousness. Some are more developed in thought than others. There are millions of species, with millions of different purposes and prerogatives. When we tell myths of hearth spirits or leprechauns or luck spirits, this is them. Some spirits have taken up rolls in our human world. They like it. It’s like a game to them. Spirits are mostly playful. They have feelings though, and it’s easy to piss off a spirit if you are rude to them. Most of the time spirits just want acknowledgment. Cultures which agree that there is a ‘Spirit World’ tend to have an easier go of things. America does not believe in a ‘Spirit World,’ and I honestly think the spirits are pretty pissed off about it, if they care at all. A lot of folks think these spirits are the energy of their ancestors. That’s not totally inaccurate, as these spirits are playful and will often latch onto a human story line – it’s easy for them to embody elements of character to affect change in our world or personal story.

Next you have the Sprite or Demon or Angel. This gets complicated because there’s a lot of baggage and confusion associated with those names. These Spirits are conscious, developed, aware. These Spirits can and will affect the mortal realm at their leisure. These Spirits absolutely possess people. Some are parasites, they latch onto a human and suck the energy out of them. There are a lot of humans in the world walking around with parasite Spirits. Some will scramble the mind, mostly for fun. A lot of mental illness could be attributed to this Spirit. For the most part these guys feed on the human battery. It’s not that they need too, it’s just that they like the taste. These guys, once identified, can be removed. Most of our horror monsters are these guys, playing games and messing with people, like Poltergeists, or Zombies, or Vampires. It’s how they pass the time. Energy is not really ever inherently evil.

You’ll notice I put Angel in there. Yes, not all of these Spirits are dark in nature. Many are very helpful. Balanced universe, after all. When ya hear stories of someone talking to a stranger who suddenly disappeared, that’s this Spirit. When someone says they spoke to a ghost, that’s this kind of Spirit. It knows. It can do what it wants; and like most creatures, it comes in Positive, Negative, and Neutral.

God(s), Deities and Demigods: I realize this ones has the potential to upset people, so bare with me. The deal with God(s) is that a God is a God only through worship. A Spirit becomes a God when belief is put forth into them.

It’s like this: Belief is the action of changing your vibration to meet something else. That’s right. This is not something only Witches do. Belief. Belief in your God, that unwavering love and devotion, and faith, and belief, that is you changing your vibration to that of the intended Spirit. By doing so you feed that Spirit with your belief and it becomes fat and dense, and eventually so much so, that it becomes a God. That’s how it works. Neil Gaiman had that shit right in American Gods.

    The distinction between Gods, Deities, Demigods, that’s all based on how much belief is present at any point in time. How things are remembered. For example, take the christian Mary:  Once upon a time the world was old and a people believed in the Egyptian Gods. There was Bastet, and Isis, and Hathor. Once upon a time the world was old, and a people believed in the Greek and Roman Gods. There was Diana, and Athena, and Artemis, and Aphrodite. Once upon a time the world was old, and the people believed in Bridget and Kali. Once upon a time the world was newer, and the people believed in Eve, and Lilith, and Mary Magdalene. Given the nature of belief it should be said that because these Goddess each had a following, that they are all independent Spirits. Each one is a Goddess in her own right. Given the nature of time and memory, many of these Goddesses have been forgotten, but what they represent has been remembered under new names, like Mary, The Black Madonna. The short truth is that once a Spirit has been given faith, and a following, and belief, it is a God and is always a God. The stronger the belief, the more powerful the God, the more they can and will affect our physical world. When it comes to Demigods it’s simply that the belief is less vast. It’s the belief that defines them as different than a Spirit. Given how little we see ‘Acts of God’ these days, I rather imagine that faith and belief is rather down around the world.

Given all these things, it’s easy to see why people would try not to look. Seeing this stuff adds a whole other level of reality to an already complicated reality. It’s also easy to understand why religion would want you to look at only one thing. That’s the heart of a lot of it. Most religion doesn’t want you to look or see anything besides its preferred Spirit. It doesn’t want you to perceive anything else. That said, almost every religion has something about ghosts and spirits. What’s that about a Soul and Holy Ghost?

The thing to realize is that being connected, seeing Energy, being aware, it’s not something only Witches do. Humans are made to do this thing. It’s apart of our physical make-up, to be able to connect and see. Monks, martial artists, prophets, priests, gurus, medicine men, witches… all these people throughout time have known these things to be true, across all religions. It’s that the language has been shortened. It’s that we’ve segregated these people for being educated in ‘the mystic arts’. We’ve taught our greater population not to look, not to see, not to hear or think. We’ve been living with our eyes intentionally shut for a very very long time.

We are one Energy.   

Gystilyn O’Brien – 7/10/19 – The Millennial’s Grimoire, available 2020.