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Ilk and Honey

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0:1 What is Life?

1:14 Just be Nice

1:13 Sorry

1:12 Mental, Physical and Emotional Self Defense

1:11 Consent

1:10 Dating

1:9 People Suck – Managing Expectations

Venture Capitalists invest big in Southeast Asia’s startup market

Eye Catching Badassery: Shoulder Duster Earrings

1:8 Presentation, the Art of the Caricature

1:7 Making Friends

1:6 Work/ Life Balance

1:5 Dollar Dollar Bills, Yo.

1:4 Get a Job! Resumes and CV.

1:3 Cleaning – How to get Blood Stains out of Clothes

1:2 How to be a Good House Guest

1:1 Living Solo versus Cohabitation

0:0 The Enchiridion – otherwise known as Adventure Time.

Exploring Singapore’s newest unicorn: Trax

Fiction Sample

Passport Retrieval

Bronze and Aluminum Casting

Currency Exchange Fees, Get Paid what you are Owed

4:1 Magic. How it Works; How to See and Connect with Energy

Addressing Sleep in the Correctional System

Villa Chaai Haat at Shiva Samui

Emerging Trends in Translation Technology – Andovar

Unicorns in Southeast Asia are Helping SMEs Grow – Tech Collective Asia

What to Ask Graphic Design Clients – Accunity

What is a Web Domain? – Accunity

Libra: Unbank the World – Medium – Revain

The rise of the Unicorn Oligopoly in Southeast Asia – Tech Collective Asia

Understanding International SEO and Its Importance in Localization – Andovar

How Scrum Can Improve Product Development – Accunity

What is Agile Software Development? – Accunity

The Taco

Personal Branding

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sunscreen? Wait, What? – Lifestyle Collective

TCM – Acupuncture and Cupping – Natural Detox