The Island of Koh Samui hails just east of Surat Thani, Thailand, and is the bigger of the islands composing Chumphon Archipelago. My travel to the island included no less than two 10 hour flights, with a pit stop at Zurich Airport, an overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani, a bus to Ban Nam Chut, ferry to Nathon Town, and a taxi to Lamai. Total travel time around 36 hours. I could have taken a flight directly from Bangkok to Koh Samui, yet I opted for this manner of travel for the simple fact that I hadn’t done it before. Where I’m glad to have had this experience, I can safely say that it was long and trying – not in a dangerous way, but in a meditative slow kind of way.

My first stop was Hacia Hotel, which was the perfect stop in that it was well air conditioned, a 2 minute walk to town and the beach, and gave me the perfect jet lag decompression time. A 10 minute taxi and I arrived at the Castle.

Content Castle is a house of writers. For 6 weeks or 3 months a writer can come stay in the house, write content for various websites to the tune of around 7500 words (about 15 pages) a week. Meals are provided 6 days a week, twice a day at noon and 6pm, and the place is spacious, with plenty of decks, reading areas, washer and dryer, and fans. The place is owned a woman dedicated to helping writers bolster their portfolio, and learn the ends and outs of SEO, content writing, editing and publishing. The Content Castle.

My company so far is Oliver (British), our master scribe in charge of editing, etc. Lyra (Filipino), Montana (South African), Stephen (British), Rae (British) and Angie (American – Arizona). We’ve also got Cherry and Bobo (Burmese) who do the general running’s of the house. Jill (American – California), Renee (Australian), and Kaila (Canadian – owner) run the place collectively, though apparently Kaila and Renee wont be in town while I’m here.

One big happy family!

Today, being day one, we who’ve just arrived (myself, Stephen, and Angie) will get the chance to hang out, acclimate, and settle in. Tomorrow boot camp begins on the hows and whats of what we’ll be doing here. I’m excited to learn and work, and explore the island. Evidently the house has good connections with renting motor bikes and border hoping. Quite an adventure, and so far I believe I’ve made the right choice.

Temperature: Butt ass hot

Humidity: Damp with a smattering of showers

Attitude: Jazzed